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Winter fires in home and safety tips for you

Now you know How to install a home security system , here we continue to guide you other fact of home safety. The winter is coming, accompanied by the cold. But as you know, in the situation like today the price of home heating fuels is increasing day by day, many people try to find alternate sources of home heating: wood burning stoves, space heaters, fireplaces are the most popular choice of people.
Laws do not ban these heating solutions. But they can cause residential fire disasters if you ignore safety methods. So we give here safety tips for you to maintain a fire in home but at the same time prevent fire risks. We list each kind of home heating for you.

1. As for Kerosene Heaters
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• Firstly, you must sure that the government of your place allow use of kerosene heaters. In order word, kerosene must be legal first.
• The heater must be in good condition, not too old, not damaged. You should replace with new one if your heater does not meet safety requirements. Also, the heater must have emergency shut off switch for necessary cases.

• Sure that when you use a kerosene heater or any similar things, the room must have vent system. As you know, fuel burned will produce poison fumes.
• Each kind of heater has their own proper kind of fuel. So you should read manufacture’s instructions carefully to know what kind of fuel is suitable to your heater. More important, never use a fuel no recommended for your heater. It will cause very serious sequences.
• Keep kerosene, fuel, coat or any flammable liquids in safe device according to manufacture’s instructions, such as metal cans and place them in safe area, outside your house.
• Just fill the heater when it is not in operation or hot, and never overfilling. It is usually that on the fuel container of the heater mark limit point of fuel, don’t fill over that point.
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• If you set the heater in your bed-room, make sure that the room have proper ventilation which will prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

2. As for wood stoves and fireplaces.

These are two home heating items most common for people. Now there is something for you to consider
• The most importance that you must set the stoves or fireplaces properly on floor. You should have a stone basement for them. They must be enclosed by protective fence to prevent child get close.
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• The quality of stoves must be good and have credible origin. Never use hand-made stoves which made by yourself. Also, stoves should have certificate of safety.
• You must check the chimney each year to sure about its good condition. Before use the stove, you should clean the chimney, especially if it has not been used for a long time.
• Never make fire by flammable liquids as well as rise the fire by them.
• When the fireplaces is operating, you must set a metal screen in front of the door of them to impede spark coming out of the fireplaces and unknown material going in. Also, this will help to maintain the fire better.
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• To reduce creosote buildup,you should burn the stove twice each day for 15 – 30 minutes.
• You must not burn charcoal inside your home because this can make carbon monoxide which cause fatal risks.
• All flammable materials must be kept away from the fireplace mantel. If not, any sparks coming from the fireplace can make them burning.
• The fire of the fireplace must be out before you go to sleep.

3. As for furnace heaters.

This is also a popular home heating items. And here are some use guides for you:
• First of all, the furnace must be in good condition. If you detect any damaging sights, consider carefully before use it.
• Also, the control system and quick shut off must work well.
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• In the case your furnace need to be repair. Call a qualified specialist, never do by yourself if you have not enough skills about it. It will be very dangerous doings. Besides, the walls and ceiling around the furnace must be checked carefully to sure that there no unwanted things fall on the furnace.
• Check the chimney to see whether it has holes and cracks or not. If it has, replace it with new one or repair it before make it in use. Never use the furnace in these cases.

4. Some extra safety tips on home heating

Ok, three items above are most popular in home heating. Beside tips for them, here we give you common advices when you use a fire.
• It is important that you must not discard hot ashes around your home. Put them in a metal container and set away from your living place.
• Don’t turn a range or an oven into a heating device. Remember that each product has it own purpose.

• If you choose an electric heater, make sure that the circuit is not overloaded. Always use according to manufature’s instructions. Also, an electric heater must be set away from bathrooms or anywhere has water. And in the operation, you should mind to prevent water from reaching it.
• You should make your windows into emergency exits and practice to use them in the cases of fire. Also, if the windows is on high floor, you should equip escape ladders.

• Finally, install smoke alarm for every floors in your home, and check its working condition regularly.
• Teach your children necessary acts in the case of fire. Your family should also practice plan of escape together.
• If you do not understand clearly about fire safety, don’t hestitate to ask the fire agency in your place.
We wish that with advices above, you and your family will have a warm winter.

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