I will show you how to vacuum food with 1 bowl of water

Sometimes, there is no need of a vacuum sealer. If you only have one good plastic bag and one bowl of water, it’s enough to vacuum food.

We tend to buy food and store it for a long time so we always look for a method to preserve food longer.

Vacuum is an effective method to preserve food but whenever you hear about vacuum, you would think that it will require a best vacuum sealer for food to do it. Today, we will learn how to vacuum food with a plastic bag and a bowl of water.

How to vacuum a food bag with a bowl of water

First of all, you put food into nylon bag with zip lock. Then, you closed the zip, remember to leave an opened space about 2.5 – 3 cm.

Next, you soak the food bag into a bowl of water slowly. The pressure of water will push all inside air out through the opened space on the zip lock. You keep dropping the bag down until the water is near bag mouth. Now, the air is pushed out totally. You should pay attention to not let the opened zip lock stick water.

When the inside air has been pushed out, you just need to pull the zip lock. And your food is vacuumed in proper way.

How to vacuum a food bag with an iron

You can use an iron to vacuum a food bag. You can not believe that, right? I can show you how to do it now.

Step 1:

– You squeeze the mouth portion of the bag of food and then, you use silver paper to clip into the mouth portion of bag of food.

Step 2:

– You turn on an iron at high temperatures and use iron into silver paper section.

Step 3:

– You remove the silver paper out and you will see how the food was sealed.

In addition, I will tell you some tips when perverse food in the fridge.

– You should store food in a separate container with a lid or in clean plastic bag.

– You should store raw food separate to cooked food.

– With the raw food you want to cook on the day, it should be stored at the cool compartment. If you do not want to cook it immediately, you should preserve it in the freezer.

– When you preserve food in the freezer, you should stick a label of name and date of preservation in this food so it is easier to manage the time.

– If you want to defrost preserved food in the freezer, you should put it in the cool compartment first for cool down and then take it to outside temperature when you have time. If you want to use it immediately, you can use the defrost function of microwaves.

– However, you should not leave fresh food too long in the refrigerator. Some advantages of the method of low-temperature storage can help to inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria, keep the food fresh longer and do not have odor. However, it does not mean that storing food in the refrigerator is safe for 100%. Many studies show that meat and fish that is preserved in the refrigerator for a long time can change its taste, reduce the nutrient contain and produce harmful substances for the users’ health. The process of freezing and defrosting will reduce 1/3 part of fat meat and some substances are almost removed.

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