Prepare for you perfect BBQ


Every season is the right time for a BBQ party, summer with sunshine, coke and swimming pool or winter in a warm weeknight dinner beside family and friends. This post will guide you step by step to have a wonderful BBQ party without a hitch!




This step will take you at least 2 to 3 days. Finish this first step carefully to make sure everybody would have good time with you.

  • How many people will come to your party? Who are they? Are they vegetarian? Are they allergic to anything? Make a guest list as specifically as possible
  • Send out your invitations or call them to confirm their attendances.

You should do those 5 to 7 days before your party so that your guests get their time to join.

  • BBQ party takes time and effort so of course so you don’t want to do everything alone. You can divide up your work and request somebody to help you with shopping or reorder a space for the party, making desert, pouring drinks when you are busy with grilling things.
  • Preparing every must-have equipment

You will not expect your guests to wait for you running to super market or your neighbor to get your tools, so here are the things that should be available in your home before you get the party started.

  • A grill: Charcoal or gas grill is a forever debate. To choose the right one, you should know what you have and what you need in your BBQ party.


Typically, a gas grill cost from 129$ to 300$ and in every one hour of cooking, your grill will use 30$ of gas. When using gas grill, you take no time to light it and just 10 minutes is enough to put your food on the fire. It is also easy to clean it. You just need to stop the fire and smoke then disassemble and brush the grate. Food cooked with gas grills often goes with their original taste and smell without smoky feel.


Charcoal grill is cheaper than the former one. The ordinary one’s price fluctuates from 100$ to 200$. People usually heat the coal by a chimney starter (40$ per one). 6 quarts of lump charcoal cost 4 to 6$. Lighting the coal take you longer than lighting gas and you have to wait 15 to 20 minutes to start cooking. It is a bit difficult to brush the grate. Anyway, if you want to save money and love smoky flavor, charcoal grill is the better choice.

  • 2 Long – handed tongs:

A good one costs from 10$ to 18$. You need it to flip your food, blaze fire and pick things to your dishes so it is undoubtedly necessary. It would be great if you have got one already but if not, don’t hesitate to buy one. You would find it tool of god because it helps you with nearly everything in your kitchen.

  • A grill brush

30$ is the good price for a grill brush. Before, after and even while cooking, you need a grill brush to remove the sticky things cause by melted cheese and sauce or broken meat balls on your grill. With a clean grill, your food would be served with nice grill marks. It also prevents vegetables and fruits from sticking.

  • 2 spatulas

A non-stick spatula costs from 7$ to 17$. You need it for frying or grilling.

  • An instant read thermometer

This one is the most expensive thing in this list. You will need to spend about 100$ just for this tiny one to cook like a pro. It helps you control the temperature of the grill then stop any possible troubles beforehand and make perfect cooked dishes. 


You better spend 1 to 2 days to finish this step. Making a list of things a party should have so that nothing would be missed out.

+ Napkins, dishes, forks, towels…… should be rent or bought. You should choose paper or plastic things to prevent breaking them.

+ Decorate your party. You can do it yourself or find someone to help. There are many decorating ideas online so you can try one.

+ Prepare seats for everyone. None wants to stand for hours. Remember to choose the suitable table cloth that can make your food look more delicious.

+ Prepare party games, music (A blue tooth speaker is recommended)

+ Get started with the food and drink.

Buy meat, fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks and ice

Buy condiments such as sauces, mustard, peppercorn, mayonnaise.

Cook things that can be frozen first.

Wash your vegetables and fruits.

Mix your salads.



3 hours before your guests come:

+ Get everything into place; your cooking equipments should be handy.

+ Thaw frozen things.

+ Grill your fruits and vegetables like corns and potatoes 1 hour before you put meat on.

Party times:

+ Show people where they can take drinks and food

+ Open your music

+ Grill your meat while people are playing games and chatting

+ Notify your guests when your food is ready.

Those are things that you should never miss out when you prepare for a party but those are not all you could do. It is up to your creativity that you can add any activities to your party so that it could be more unique. Works to do could be a lot but it can’t be denied how fun and warm a BBQ party could be. Just think about all the good time your friends and family would have, it is so worthy of putting effort on. Moreover, making a party is a great chance for you to show cooking skills and your love with relatives and friends and also, make a nice memory.

After all, wish you have fun with your BBQ party!

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