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Top 5 best ablove ground pool in the maket 2016

pool swim

Have you ever considered purchasing an above ground pool for your home? In this article, we shall cover some of the best above ground pool reviews. Let us go through some of the benefits of these pools.

  • They are cheaper than the in ground pools. They might not be durable but it is very easy to replace them.
  • Provides hours of fun daily. On a hot summer day, you can use your time relaxing in the water.
  • They can be transferred quickly to a new location, you just need to drain it and place in another location.
  • They provide an excellent water therapy to those recovering from joint problems.

Acquiring one for your family can be a good idea. These are some of the best above ground pool reviews


  1. Intex Easy Set Pool Set

It is made of tough laminated PVC sidewalls and bottom lining. It also has an inflatable ring around the top to enable it last against all the play you toss to them. These pools come with different sizes.


  • Have dual suction outlet fittings which is built to enhance the efficiency of the pump, this helps in keeping the water clean.
  • It has a pump and ladder, which enables you to use immediately after you have set it up.
  • The garden hose is compatible with the drain plug, which means you can remove the water quickly from the house and pool area.
  • The pool also has 1000 gallon per hour filter and has a pool ladder, this will enable you to use the pool immediately after you have set it up.


  1. Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool

They have classic professional boats with inflatable rings in and above the swimming pools. It has a beautiful frame which is made of quality materials. The pool is supported by a study polyester three- ply band which creates a solid base for the pool. The rust proof frames and connectors provide additional strength. The materials are eco friendly and safe. It is easy to remove water from the pool by use of the valve connected to the unit. It is also affordable.


  1. Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

This is a large pool with the best shape for lap swimming. The deluxe pool set can be better than the regular set. It is compatible with a saltwater system. It has a sturdy design which enables it to withstand all types of plays. It’s long lasting.


  • It’s very attractive and will look great in your compound.
  • It is large and can accommodate many swimmers
  • It has a sand filter which is easy to maintain and also works well with the pool
  • All the things you need to set up are included which means you can use it immediately.
  1. Ipool Deluxe Above Ground Pool

If you are looking for an exercise pool then this can be good for you. It has a Velcro harness, which is connected at the top. This holds you and helps you enjoy the resistance of lap swimming even if the pool is small. With a water heater, it is quite comfortable to use throughout the year. It also has a compact footprint.


  • It has a heater which allows you to use throughout the year
  • The harness is adamant to maintain a steady level of resistance.
  • The best for athletes recovering from injuries and those who would like to practice swimming.
  • It comes with everything you need so you can use it immediately.


  1. Splash Pools Round Pool Package

This gives you the real comfort of bathing in a swimming pool. It is high quality though it might be a bit costly. If taken care of, it can stay for long. It requires a lot of expertise to set up. This can be a challenge to relocate it and so before you set up, you should try to identify its permanent location. It is very attractive. It has a sand filter which has a large mouth through the wall skimmer.



Have you enjoyed? I’m sure you have learned a lot from this article, have you? Those are some of the best above ground pool reviews. If you have been wondering how you can get the best, you can consider any of the above. A good pool can be a source of entertaining to your family. It also kills boredom. You can spend your time enjoying yourself, in the pool when you are not doing other duties. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. If you enjoyed, please feel free to share.





Above Ground Pool Reviews – What to buy?

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